Camera Link HS Cameras

Camera link HS cameras are equipped with the AIA interface standard specifically designed for high speed, high throughput imaging requiring higher bandwidth. Featuring low latency, low jitter, real-time signals between a camera and a frame grabber to carry image data and configuration data, the camera link HS interface ensures that CMOS sensor technology can be fully leveraged while providing low cost cameras and frame grabbers that meet the ease of use, flexibility and data reliability demanded by customers. In addition to extremely reliable data delivery, the standard provides scalable bandwidths from 300 to 16,000 MB/s. Copper or fiber optic cables from 15 to 300+ meters in length can be used in system configurations.

Dalsa CamerasDalsa Cameras

2k - 16k Line scan camera models
Monochrome, Color, Digital Color

Up to 125 kHz line rate, 5x5 um pixel size,
Ideal for high speed, high throughput imaging