Dalsa Frame Grabbers

Teledyne Dalsa frame grabbers incorporate board-level innovations and industry leading feature sets to provide the most reliable, versatile and high performance frame grabbers on the market. These frame grabbers deliver great results in high speed, high resolution applications. Dalsa frame grabbers are available in Camera Link, Camera Link HS, HS Link, CoaXPress, LVDS and Analog interfaces.

Analog Frame GrabbersDalsa Analog Frame Grabbers

Analog frame grabber from Dalsa features reliable technology in the industry, with a PCIe x1 host bus with buffer of 3K FIFO per channel.

Camera Link Frame GrabbersDalsa Camera Link Frame Grabbers

PCIe Gen2 x4, PCIe x1, PCIe x4, and PCIe x8 host buses and buffers from 32 MB to 512 MB.

Camera Link HS Frame GrabbersDalsa Camera Link HS Frame Grabbers

Dalsa Camera Link HS frame grabbers allow data forwarding and board sync, featuring PCIe Gen2 x4 and PCIe Gen2 x8 host buses and buffer of 1024 MB.

CoaXPress Frame GrabbersDalsa CoaXPress Frame Grabbers

CoaXPress frame grabbers are designed with a high-performance PCIe Gen2 x8 host bus and 1 GB buffer.

HS Link Frame GrabbersDalsa HS Link Frame Grabbers

HS Link frame grabbers from Dalsa feature PCIe x8 host bus and 128 MB buffer.

LVDS Frame GrabbersDalsa LVDS Frame Grabbers

Dalsa LVDS frame grabbers feature PCI-64, PCI-X66 and PCIe x4 host buses with buffers from 32 MB to 512 MB.