Varioptic Lenses

Varioptic liquid lens solutions are designed for high throughput industrial applications that require high speed of focus. Liquid lens technology differs greatly from mechanical solutions, allowing for faster and easier calibration. Time to Focus can reach typically 20ms or less in open loop mode! Simply put: Varioptic liquid lenses offer an optimal solution for heavy duty applications. Varioptic lens models are available in resolutions of 1.5 Megapixels and greater for 2/3-type cameras with C-mount options. Models come in fixed focal lengths from 2.2 mm up to 75 mm.

C Mount LensesVarioptic C Mount Lenses

Varioptic liquid lenses utilize the latest lens technology for unparalleled auto focus capabilities and image quality.

Telecentric LensesVarioptic Telecentric Lenses

High-resolutions and image quality, Variable Focus, Silent. Supports closed-loop operations and I2C and RS232 interfaces