Emergent Vision Technologies Cameras

10 GigE and 25 GigE Cameras for Unprecedented Speed and Quality

Emergent Vision Technologies offers revolutionary GigE cameras, with a line of ultra-fast 10 GigE industrial cameras, and a new line of industry-leading 25 GigE cameras – the world’s first 25 GigE cameras. These family of cameras represent a wide range of imaging solutions, available in monochrome, color, and near-infrared enhanced, with resolutions from 0.5MP to 50MP and frames rates from 30 fps to 1,594.7 fps. Featuring leading CMOS sensors with global shutter technology, all Emergent Vision Technologies cameras are built for quality vision in high-speed environments.

10 GigE Area Scan CamerasEmergent Vision Technologies 10 GigE Area Scan Cameras

10GBaseT - CAT6A Connection

Monochrome, Color, NIR, GigE Vision & GenICam Compliant

Ideal for 3D & high speed inspection and motion analysis.

Accel 25 GigE Line Scan CamerasEmergent Vision Technologies Accel 25 GigE Line Scan Cameras

8,192 Effective Pixels Horizontal
7.5µm Pixel Sizes
E2V Elite 8K Image Sensor

Ideal for flat panel display inspection, silicon wafer inspection, medical diagnostics and more

Bolt 25 GigE Area Scan CamerasEmergent Vision Technologies Bolt 25 GigE Area Scan Cameras

0.5MP – 50MP Resolution
3.45µm – 9µm Pixel Sizes
Sony, E2V and CMOSIS Sensors Available

Ideal for telecom, data communications, industrial and military applications