Hamamatsu Cameras

Hamamatsu cameras are designed to deliver beautiful and reliably quantitative images even in the most demanding life science and industrial applications.

Board Level CamerasHamamatsu Board Level Cameras

Scientific and Digital CMOS Board Level Cameras, area sensor, with high-resolutions, and USB 3.0 Interface

InGaAs SWIR / NIR CamerasHamamatsu InGaAs SWIR / NIR Cameras

InGaAs cameras capture NIR wavelengths in the 950-1700 nm range with the ability to capture images with QVGA to VGA resolution all while offering exquisite image contrast and quality.

Visible CamerasHamamatsu Visible Cameras

Visible, ORCA-Quest, qCMOS Cameras, photon number resolving mode, unprecedented performance, ultimate low light detector, low readout noise, high-speed, and high-resolution.