Odos Cameras

Odos Imaging, a Rockwell Automation company, now offers cutting-edge 3D-Time of Flight (ToF) machine vision and imaging technology for advanced industrial applications. The Swift-E Reconfigurable 3D sensor and Swift-G ToF machine vision camera provide 3D data through GigE connection with impressive speed and accuracy in conjunction with Odos’ Starstream Swift software. The Swift-E sensor features high resolution combined with fast image capture to deliver results quickly, while the Swift-G supports a calibrated 3D point cloud at up to 44 fps, allowing operations with metric 3D data in seconds.

Swift-E CamerasOdos Swift-E Cameras

Odos Imaging Introduces the Swift-E Reconfigurable 3D sensor

Swift-G CamerasOdos Swift-G Cameras

Odos Imaging Introduces the Swift-G 3D/ToF Imaging Camera