Odos Swift-E Cameras

The Odos Imaging Swift-E 3D sensor is a fully reconfigurable 3D sensor, empowering users to create up to 255 templates with up to 64 virtual sensing zones each. This valuable capability enables machine builders and production plants to stay on top of the new market trends with precise and fast 3D data capture. Everything required to operate and program the Swift-E is built-in, and results are provided to the controllers via EtherNet/IP connection. With a 640 x 480 pixel resolution, combined with a 43 x 33 deg field of view, the Swift-E provides accurate, reliable sensing in a range of between 0.5 and 6 meters.

List of Odos Swift-E Cameras

Camera Resolution Sensor FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of Swift-E Swift-E 640 x 480 - - - - EtherNet/IP -