Gigabit Machine Vision Cables

Gigabit Ethernet cables from Phase 1 Technology offer you speed and high quality connectivity for your motion control and vision system cameras and components. Please note that cable types SSTP (Cat 6), Industrial HiFlex (Cat 5e), C-Track (Cat 5e), Robotic (Cat 5e) and 10 GIG (Cat-6a) are suitable up to a maximum of 60 meters. Additionally, high speed cable type 10 GIG (Cat-6a) works exclusively in configurations that include the M12 X-Coded 10 GIG connector type and is available in lengths up to 100 meters.

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RJ45 StraightRJ45 Straight
RJ45 Vertical W/ThumbscrewsRJ45 Vertical W/Thumbscrews
RJ45 Horizontal W/ThumbscrewsRJ45 Horizontal W/Thumbscrews
RJ45 Straight Industrial IP67RJ45 Straight Industrial IP67
RJ45 Right Angle DOWN w/ClipRJ45 Right Angle DOWN w/Clip
RJ45 Vertical R/A DOWN W/Recessed ScrewsRJ45 Vertical R/A DOWN W/Recessed Screws
RJ45 Horizontal R/A UP w/ThumbscrewsRJ45 Horizontal R/A UP w/Thumbscrews
RJ45 Horizontal R/A DOWN w/ThumbscrewsRJ45 Horizontal R/A DOWN w/Thumbscrews
RJ45 Vertical RIGHT Exit W/ThumbscrewsRJ45 Vertical RIGHT Exit W/Thumbscrews
RJ45 Vertical LEFT Exit W/ThumbscrewsRJ45 Vertical LEFT Exit W/Thumbscrews
RJ45 Horizontal RIGHT Exit W/Recessed ScrewsRJ45 Horizontal RIGHT Exit W/Recessed Screws
RJ45 Horizontal LEFT Exit W/Recessed ScrewsRJ45 Horizontal LEFT Exit W/Recessed Screws
M12 X-Coded 10GigM12 X-Coded 10Gig

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