Sony Industrial Sensors

Sony’s line of CMOS imaging sensors are having a major impact in multiple industries and applications thanks to their unmatched accuracy, reliability, and versatility. Ideal for use in applications related to automotive, security, surveillance, and manufacturing, these CMOS image sensors from Sony provide high quality, detailed images to drive efficiency and productivity.

Phase 1 Technology is proud to distribute both Sony’s Pregius Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensors and their Starvis Rolling Shutter CMOS Image Sensors.

Pregius Industrial SensorsSony Pregius Industrial Sensors

High-speed and high-precision performance required for FA applications

Compact design • Low-noise CCD structure

Pregius S Industrial SensorsSony Pregius S Industrial Sensors

These devices deliver Improved framerates • Small pixel size (2.74 um)

High resolution (12 to 24) • Reduced imager size • Global shutter

STARVIS Industrial SensorsSony STARVIS Industrial Sensors

High picture quality in visible-light and near-infrared (NIR) regions

Low signal-to-noise ratio • Well-suited for low-light conditions
Low power consumption • Compact design

Polarsens Industrial SensorsSony Polarsens Industrial Sensors

Polarization Image Sensor

3.45µm pixel size with four-directional polarizer • High brightness and color capture

Enhanced polarization information capture capabilities

SWIR Industrial SensorsSony SWIR Industrial Sensors

• Sensors made of indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) • High-resolution

• Capable of imaging from the visible spectrum to SWIR wavelengths. • Digital output • High sensitivity • Global shutter