Camera Link Cameras

Camera Link Cameras for Industrial Applications

From automated inspection processes to real-time thermal imaging, Phase 1 Technology's lineup of Camera Link cameras can perform a wide range of functions in settings that demand fast, reliable, redundant connections. Camera Link cameras have screwed ports and typically employ 26-pin MDR cables to establish standardized connections with many different device types. Choose from three configurations that offer progressively higher data transfer speeds - up to nearly 1 GB/s in some cases.

Baumer CamerasBaumer Cameras

Progressive Scan: 16-500 fps, 1-4.2 MP
Digital Monochrome/Color

CIS CamerasCIS Cameras

Area Scan: 10-500 fps, <1-5 MP
Line Scan 42 khz, 4 K

Dalsa CamerasDalsa Cameras

Area Scan: 4.4-300 fps, <1-12.5 MP
Line Scan: 9 khz-100 khz, 1 K-16

JAI CamerasJAI Cameras

Area Scan: 3-200 fps, <1-20 MP
Line Scan: 19 khz-70 khz, 2 K-4 K

Sony CamerasSony Cameras

Area Scan: 15-60 fps, <1-9 MP
Digital Monochrome/Monochrome/Color/NIR

illunis Camerasillunis Cameras

Area scan: 4.2-24.4 FPS
Up to 120 megapixels