Dalsa Cameras

Industry-leading technology for high performance digital imaging from Dalsa Cameras.

Dalsa industrial camera solutions define the top end of performance for industrial inspection, aerial photogrammetry, mail sorting, factory automation, security, spectroscopy, and other applications, providing you with insight and a competitive advantage.

From the Dalsa Genie Series CCD cameras feature unprecedented high speed image acquisition and uncompromised signal-to-noise ratio for increased yield to the high sensitivity Dalsa Pantera Series progressive scan cameras and the new programmable Icon™ Series, get the cameras you need and the expert help you desire from Phase 1 Technology Corp.

CIS CamerasDalsa CIS Cameras

FOVs in increments of 100mm

400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm

Dual Line CMOS Sensor

Genie Nano 10G CamerasDalsa Genie Nano 10G Cameras

Most cost-effective, compact 67 MP 10GigE Cameras in the Industry

Ideal for machine vision, high speed inspection, microscopy, robotic guidance, Life Sciences

Linea HS CamerasDalsa Linea HS Cameras

Patent-pending pixel offset Super-Resolution technology • Significantly improved detectability for subpixel defects

High-speed fiberoptic interface with EMI immunity & data reliability

Linea Lite CamerasDalsa Linea Lite Cameras

Remarkably cost effective performance. Linea Lite makes line scan more accessible than ever. Designed with performance in mind, this camera offers superior color fidelity with 2k to 4k resolution and line rates from 12.5 to 50 kHz, with a GigE Vision® interface.

Linea ML CamerasDalsa Linea ML Cameras

Color Camera Link HS CMOS Cameras

Ideal for flat panel display inspection, printed circuit board inspection, electronic component inspection, general web inspection, printing inspection.

SWIR CamerasDalsa SWIR Cameras

SWIR line scan cameras can be used in a variety of inspection applications. The vision experts and Phase 1 Technology can answer your questions about SWIR.

Z-Trak CamerasDalsa Z-Trak Cameras

Z-Trak™ is a family of high-speed, high-performance 3D cameras

Calibir CamerasDalsa Calibir Cameras

Uncooled Long Wave Infrared (LWIR)

Covers wavelengths from 8-14 µm

Genie Nano CamerasDalsa Genie Nano Cameras

Monochrome & Color CMOS Cameras
Frame rates as high as 84.4 fps at full 1920x1200 resolution

Ideal for machine vision, high speed inspection, microscopy, robotic guidance, Life Sciences

Genie Nano-CL CamerasDalsa Genie Nano-CL Cameras

Monochrome & Color CMOS Camera Link Cameras.

Ideal for electronics manufacturing inspection, industrial metrology and intelligent traffic systems applications

Genie Nano-CXP CamerasDalsa Genie Nano-CXP Cameras

CXP Interface CMOS Area Scan Camera

Ideal for solar panel inspection, electronic manufacturing inspection, general machine vision, semiconductor wafer inspection.

Genie Nano 5G CamerasDalsa Genie Nano 5G Cameras

Monochrome and color CMOS cameras
Frame rates up to 190 fps at full resolution
VGA - 31.5MP resolution

Ideal for electronics manufacturing, packaging inspection, semiconductor inspection, sport and entertainment imaging, and general machine vision

Genie CamerasDalsa Genie Cameras

Monochrome and color CCD cameras
Frame rates as high as 122 FPS

Ideal for use in a range of rugged industrial environments

Genie TS CamerasDalsa Genie TS Cameras

Monochrome and color CMOS cameras
Resolutions of up to 12.5
Frame rates up to 70 FPS

Ideal for Intelligent traffic systems
Metrology • Electronics inspection

Linea CamerasDalsa Linea Cameras

High Sensitivity CMOS
Monochrome Outputs

Faster than Standard GigE Vision Speeds

Falcon CamerasDalsa Falcon Cameras

Monochrome CMOS sensors
Up to 4M resolution
Shutter speeds up to 62 FPS

Ideal for Semiconductor inspection
Electronics manufacturing

Falcon2 CamerasDalsa Falcon2 Cameras

Color and monochrome
Camera Link cameras
Shutter speeds up to 168 FPS
Resolutions up to 12M

Ideal for high speed, high resolution, wide range inspection applications

Falcon4 CamerasDalsa Falcon4 Cameras

Monochrome and color CMOS cameras
Global Shutter Capacity

Ideal for aerial imaging, security & surveillance, 3D metrology and reconnaissance

Falcon HG CamerasDalsa Falcon HG Cameras

Color and monochrome CMOS sensors
Shutter speeds up to 300 FPS

Ideal for Electronics and
semiconductor inspection
Metrology • Recognition applications

Falcon XDR CamerasDalsa Falcon XDR Cameras

Fast frame rates • PoCL compatible
Optimized for high dynamic range

Ideal for Electronics manufacturing
Semiconductor inspection

Piranha Color CamerasDalsa Piranha Color Cameras

Color Camera Link cameras
Trilinear RGB sensor

Ideal for Print inspection
Food inspection • Parcel sorting

Piranha ES CamerasDalsa Piranha ES Cameras

Up to 110 kHz Line rate (4k80)
Up to 32 or 64 TDI Stages, Up to 12k Resolution

Ideal for high performance, cost sensitive machine vision & print inspection applications.

Piranha HS CamerasDalsa Piranha HS Cameras

Monochrome CCD cameras
High line rates
Proprietary antiblooming technology

Ideal for Industrial inspection
Medical imaging • Sensitive applications

Piranha XL CamerasDalsa Piranha XL Cameras

16k Line scan camera, Camera Link HS, Up to 125 kHz line rate, 5x5 um pixel size

Ideal for high speed, high throughput imaging

Piranha3 CamerasDalsa Piranha3 Cameras

Throughput up to 1.179 Gpixel/s
Flat field correction • Exposure control

Ideal for Flat panel inspection
Web inspection • Parcel sorting

Piranha4 CamerasDalsa Piranha4 Cameras

Dual line CMOS line scan
CMOS image sensors • On-chip ADC

Ideal for Parcel sorting
High performance document scanning

Spyder3 CamerasDalsa Spyder3 Cameras

Monochrome line scan cameras
Camera Link compatibility
Scan speeds up to 68 kHz

Ideal for inspection
and measurement applications

Spyder3 Color CamerasDalsa Spyder3 Color Cameras

Color cameras with Camera Link interface
Resolutions up to 4K

Ideal for industrial inspection and measurement applications that require color imaging