Dalsa Falcon Cameras

The Dalsa Falcon Series cameras combine versatile monochrome CMOS sensors with attractive (4M) resolutions and shutter speeds up to 62 FPS for accurate, high speed imaging in demanding settings. The versatile Stop Action camera series is compatible with a Base or Medium Camera Link interface and high speed data transmission connections up to 10 meters, expanding the range of remote applications. Flat Field Correction (FFC) technology allows for optimal imaging in challenging lighting environments. Use the Dalsa Falcon Series for a wide range of electronics manufacturing and inspection applications.

List of Dalsa Falcon Cameras

Camera Resolution Sensor FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of Falcon 4M30 Falcon 4M30 4 MP - 31 Monochrome Area Scan Camera Link -
Product Image Of Falcon 4M60 Falcon 4M60 4 MP - 62 Monochrome Area Scan Camera Link -