Active Silicon Frame Grabbers

Active Silicon frame grabbers provide a wide range of image acquisition solutions leveraging cutting-edge hardware. These frame grabbers are great for high-speed, low latency image data transfer. They’re available in CoaXPress, USB 3.0, HD-SDI, LVDS, PCI/104e, Camera Link, and Analog interfaces.

CoaXPress Frame GrabbersActive Silicon CoaXPress Frame Grabbers

PCIe Gen2 x8 host bust with 512 MB buffer

USB 3.0 Frame GrabbersActive Silicon USB 3.0 Frame Grabbers

PCIe Gen2 x1 host bus with up to 4 USB 3.0 ports.

HD - SDI Frame GrabbersActive Silicon HD - SDI Frame Grabbers

Active Silicon HD-SDI frame grabbers capture uncompressed 8-bit and 10-bit HD-SDI

LVDS Frame GrabbersActive Silicon LVDS Frame Grabbers

LVDS frame grabbers from Active Silicon feature I/O with PCIe x1 and PCIe x4 host buses and buffers from 128 K FIFO to 196 K FIFO.

PCI/ 104e Frame GrabbersActive Silicon PCI/ 104e Frame Grabbers

40 Mhz to 66 Mhz pixel clock and buffers from 48 K FIFO to 128 K FIFO.

Camera Link Frame GrabbersActive Silicon Camera Link Frame Grabbers

PCIe x1, PCIe x4, PCIe Gen 2 x4, PCIe Gen 2 x8, PCI-X66 host buses with buffers from 64 K FIFO to 196 K FIFO and 320 MB to 512 MB.

Analog Frame GrabbersActive Silicon Analog Frame Grabbers

PCI e x1 host bus with buffer of 3K FIFO per channel.