Dalsa Calibir Cameras

The Dalsa Calibir camera platform, uncooled Long Wave Infrared, offers outstanding shutterless imaging performance and is optimized for Size, Weight and Power (SWAP). As a first member of the Dalsa Calibir family, the Calibir 640 series introduces an easy-to-use modular design with a 29 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm camera core that can be integrated into tight spaces for compact solutions. The Calibir 640 series features shutterless operation and rapid image output on power up while delivering uniform response over the entire operating temperature range. As a result, the Calibir cameras can operate uninterrupted without the need for recalibration.

For greater flexibility, the Dalsa Calibir 640 series microbolometer-based platform supports a variety of industry standard video formats, physical interconnects, LWIR lenses and state-of-the-art on-board processing engine. The Calibir 640 series is ideal for a wide range of imaging applications requiring long wave IR detectors in the field of surveillance and monitoring, defense and security, maintenance and general machine vision.

List of Dalsa Calibir Cameras

Camera Resolution FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of CALIBIR 640 CALIBIR 640  
640 AB 640 x 480 - IR Area Scan - Area Scan
640 AS 640 x 480 - IR Area Scan - Area Scan
640 Core 640 x 480 50 IR Area Scan - Area Scan
640 GIGE 640 x 480 - IR Area Scan GigE Area Scan