Emergent Vision Technologies GigE Cameras

Emergent Vision Technologies has introduced the world’s first 10 GigE cameras featuring high resolution CMOS sensor with global shutter.  In full compliance with the machine vision standards GigE Vision and GenICam, Emergent 10 GigE cameras offer interoperability with all major software libraries. Using the 10GBaseT interface, with its sleek smaller case and CAT6A connection, camera families have the familiarity of GigE but with 10x the speed, enabling cable lengths from 1 meter up to 100 meters. Available in color, monochrome and NIR, cameras are capable of ultra-fast, high resolution with lower energy consumption.

List of Emergent Vision Technologies GigE Cameras
Camera Resolution FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of HT-12000 HT-12000  
HT-12000C 12 MP 34 Color Industrial 10BaseT -
HT-12000M 12 MP 34 Monochrome Industrial 10BaseT -
HT-12000N 4 MP 34 NIR Industrial 10BaseT -
Product Image Of HT-2000 HT-2000  
HT-2000C 2 MP 338 Color Industrial 10BaseT -
HT-2000M 2 MP 338 Monochrome Industrial 10BaseT -
HT-2000N 2 MP 338 NIR Industrial 10BaseT -
Product Image Of HT-20000M HT-20000M  
HT-20000C 20 MP 32 Color Industrial 10BaseT -
HT-20000M 20 MP 32 Monochrome Industrial 10BaseT -
Product Image Of HT-4000M HT-4000M  
HT-4000C 4 MP 179 Color Industrial 10BaseT -
HT-4000M 4 MP 179 Monochrome Industrial 10BaseT -
HT-4000N 4 MP 179 NIR Industrial 10BaseT -