Dalsa AxCIS Mono 800mm Camera

Part Number(s): AX-FM-08B12H-00

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Phase 1 offers the AxCIS Mono 800mm, providing superior imaging capabilities that also enable accurate metrology applications. AxCIS provides high-resolution 28um pixel size (900dpi), high-speed 120kHz, unique features such as HDR imaging using dual exposure mode, optional LED lighting, and fiber optic cables with immunity to EMI radiation. Furthermore, AxCIS is cost-effective and offers competitive advantages with lower system-level costs. 

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  • Seamless image over entire FOV without missing pixels
  • High speed 120kHz/60kHzx2 mono/HDR
  • High resolution 28um (900dpi)
  • HDR mode with dual exposure control
  • True metrology applications
  • Field replaceable LED lights (optional)
  • Next generation Camera Link HS interface with field proven data reliability
  • Fiberoptic cables for extended cable lengths to 100 meters
  • Single 24VDC power supply


Sapera LT (version 8.7 or later) software development toolkit which features:

  • CamExpert’s intuitive graphical interface for configuration and setup
  • Sapera LT’s Trigger-To-Image Reliability tool (T2IR) for system monitoring

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Product image of Dalsa AxCIS Mono 800mm
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Product image of  Dalsa AxCIS Mono 800mm

Quick Info for the Dalsa axcis-mono-800mm

Camera Series: Dalsa CIS
Interface: Camera Link HS
Manufacturer: Dalsa
Resolutions: 28 um
Signal System: Monochrome
Technology: Camera Link HS Cameras