Dalsa Z-Trak LP2C 4K 3D Red Laser Profiler Camera

Part Number(s): LP2C 4K0-0100, 4K0-0150, 4K0-0250, 4K0-0300, 4K0-0400, 4K0-0650

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Phase 1 offers the Z-Trak LP2C, a new family laser line profile sensor for high-speed, in-line 3D measurements. As a first model series of this family, the Z-Trak LP2C 4K profilers offer 4096 points/profile and maximum 5KHz profile rate. All Z-Trak profilers are factory calibrated and offer a feature-rich platform for applications involving 3D measurement, inspection, identification, and classification.

Z-Trak models are available for measurement ranges of up to 650mm and have a horizontal field-of-view of up to 1200mm. The LP2C 4K series can also handle a wide variety of surface and material types with its red and blue eye-safe lasers.

Z-Trak LP2C features in-line processing capabilities to improve and enhance the profiles. In addition, it can generate additional metadata that up-stream algorithms can use to eliminate un-wanted reflections. Cleaner 3D scans help applications to produce more accurate and dependable results.

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• Up to 2K points/profile; scan rate up to 45K profiles/sec
• Built-in single frame HDR
• 360° inspection and occlusion removal
• Handles varying surface reflectivity to deliver consistent results
• Multi-Sensor Synchronization using single, low cost setup
• IP67 enclosure for harsh operating conditions
• Sherlock 8.1 for rapid application deployment
• Red and blue models
• Reflection compensation algorithms
• Diffused or spurious topologies
• 1, 2.5 and 5GigE interface

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Product image of Dalsa Z-Trak LP2C 4K 3D Red Laser Profiler
Product Photos
Product image of  Dalsa Z-Trak LP2C 4K 3D Red Laser Profiler

Quick Info for the Dalsa z-trak-lp2c-4k-red-laser

Camera Category: 4K
Camera Series: 5 GigE
FPS: 4096 x 2160
Interface: GigE
Manufacturer: Dalsa
Resolutions: 4K
Scanning Mode: 3D
Signal System: Color / RGB
Technology: 3D/ToF