FV2K-DCK-10 Video Encoder

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Available Variations:

  • FV2K-DCK-10

  • FV2K-DCK-10-RPS

FV2K-DCK-10 is perfect for high quality, low power, low latency video in IR & Visible streams

Ordering Options

OEM Production Set

  • FV2K-DCK-10 Encoder Boards

OEM Starter Kit

  • FV2K-DCK-10 Encoder Boards
  • Power Supply
  • Software SDK
  • Documentation
  • Serial Cable
  • KEL Cable

Available as an OEM starter kit or with preloaded software.

To sync IR & visible video streams up to the millisecond, the FV2K-DCK-10 is your solution for dual camera simultaneous streams in full 1080p HD with minimal latency. Perfect for inspection, surveillance, industrial machine vision, UAV and drones, and video conferencing applications, the FV2K-DCK-10 video encoder from Z3 Technology is built for maximum user flexibility.

The hardware consists of a 3-board set: Input, Encoder and Connector PCB, which can be configured to stream over IP while recording to USB or a micro SD card. The compact design uses only 4.5 watts of power when streaming from two cameras and includes digital and analog ports.

The FV2K-DCK-10 has the flexibility to integrate with many different vision systems and comes packed with features:

  • Resize HD camera input to lower resolutions keeping full field of view
  • Pass camera control commands over IP
  • Easy-to-use HTTP-based control interface
  • ONVIF® Profile S
  • Compatible with ZEUS® video decoders (H.264 mode only)

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Product image of Z3 Technology FV2K-DCK-10 Video Encoder
Product image of Z3 Technology FV2K-DCK-10 Video Encoder
Product Photos
Product image of Z3 Technology FV2K-DCK-10 Video Encoder Product image of Z3 Technology FV2K-DCK-10 Video Encoder

Quick Info for the FV2K-DCK-10

Encoding Resolutions: 1080p (up to 60fps), 720p, NTSC/PAL, VGA, CIF, and QVGA
Video Codecs: H.265, H.264
Visible Camera Formats: Sony FCB-EV7520, LVDS, Camera Link, parallel BT1120/BT656, CMOS
HD and SD IR Formats: RS170, NTSC/PAL
Additional Interfaces: GigE, Audio Input, RS-485, Micro-HDMI Output, Composite Output
Output Formats: RTP, TRSP, MPEG-2 TS, and RTMP2
Encoder Board Size: 58 mm x 58 mm (2.28 in x 2.28 in)
Power Consumption: 4.5W while encoding two cameras in H.265 video at 1080p and 60fps