Edmund 58-000 C Mount Lens

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Designed for use in machine vision applications, our TECHSPEC® Compact Fixed Focal Length Lenses are ideal for use in factory automation, inspection or qualification. These machine vision lenses have been optically designed with the working distance and resolution requirements of factory automation and inspection in mind. Featuring large maximum apertures, these high performance lenses can be used in even the most restrictive lighting conditions. Each lens has a broadband antireflection coating, which increases transmission by up to 12 percent over the standard MgF2 coating on competitive lenses.


Quick Info for the Edmund 58-000 C Mount Lens
Aperture: 1.3 ~ 16
Focal Length: 8.5mm
Format : 2/3
Manufacturer: Edmund
Mount: C Mount
Resolution : 1.5 MP <
Ruggedized: --

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