How Machine Vision Is Helping Our Military

a drone

With growing threats mounting in opposition to the United States, our military is constantly on the lookout for new technologies that can keep those who wish us harm at bay. Machine vision is helping the U.S. military to fight off those who want to undermine the security of our nation. See how machine vision is enhancing land, air, and sea imaging systems to help the U.S. remain as the world’s military superpower.

How the U.S. Military Uses Machine Vision

The commercial sector has used machine vision for purposes ranging from inspection to manufacturing to security for decades. But the U.S. military has also been looking for applications to use the technology. To create a machine vision system, engineers combine cameras with computer hardware and software. Complex algorithms interpret the images. Machine vision systems then convey that interpretation to an automated system.

There are numerous ways that the U.S. military uses automation. From controlling drones to analyzing surveillance images, the defense sector can now further enhance their world-leading defense systems with machine vision. Machine vision can be used to control autonomous vehicles that can move equipment over rough, dangerous terrain without an operator on board.

Machine Vision Allows for New Possibilities 

Machine vision powered vehicles can now be deployed to scan the terrain for snipers or enemy equipment. In the past, this was a difficult task for human soldiers. Searching an overgrown ravine or creek in the dark for camouflaged troops or equipment with the human eye was a hopeless chore. But machine vision cameras paired with radar or LiDAR technologies make it an easy job.

In areas rife with military espionage or terrorism, persons of interest can often hide in plain sight. Disguises, clothing, and crowds often make it difficult to find those responsible for the world’s atrocities, despite a strong military presence. But new machine vision technologies can see through the disguises. And even when faces are obscured in crowds, machine vision can recreate a complete image and match it to a database.

Machine vision is also allowing robots and automated vehicles to free up troops for better assignments. Because the robots are handling the dull, dirty, and dangerous work, military commanders keep their troops safe. And those forces can focus on strategies that help defend our nation best.

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