How Manufacturers are Saving Big With Embedded Vision & AI

Machine Vision & AIManufacturers know better than anyone how competitive their industry can be. New technologies might give you an edge over your competition. But slim profit margins make it necessary to count the cost and only invest in improvements that are sure to pay off. Here we’ll discuss two technologies that are sure to boost the bottom line. Find out how manufacturers are saving big with embedded vision and artificial intelligence.

An Embedded Vision and AI Primer

You’ve probably heard of computer vision. You may even have a few systems in your facility. Computer vision requires a camera to be integrated with a computer system to carry out some automated process. But embedded vision is a newer term you might not be familiar with. Think of it as your computer vision system and camera integrated into one. Complex algorithms and programming is built right into the machine vision system.

Artificial intelligence is simply the simulation of human intelligence in a machine. AI goes beyond simple formulas into complex algorithms that allow automated systems to make informed decisions. The line between embedded vision and artificial intelligence has always been fuzzy, and it’s getting harder to tell the difference all the time. Vision systems can take in a seemingly limitless number of variables and decide how everything from robotics to sorting systems should respond.

How Embedded Vision and AI Save Manufacturers Money

Image processing is an intensive process for many manufacturers. Whether inspecting, picking, sorting, or whatever the task, image processing is often a bottleneck for the production line. With embedded vision and AI algorithms, pre-processing and advanced processing correction tasks can quickly optimize an image for post-processing, adding instant time savings.

Embedded vision and AI have even taken their attention off the assembly line and put it onto the production floor for safety and health observation. Through real-time AI visualization, manufacturers can monitor equipment and staff simultaneously and more reliably than using human monitors. Manufacturers save big with persistent monitoring and instant alerts regarding safety hazards or accidents.

The Future of Embedded Vision and AI

Embedded vision and artificial intelligence are being used right now to reduce manufacturing costs and defects. Finding issues like insufficient welds, improperly mounted gaskets, or defective pixels on a screen reduce the number of returns, decrease liability, and improve customer trust and brand loyalty.

Embedded vision promises to continue making production cheaper, safer, and more efficient. Do you want to add embedded vision and artificial intelligence technologies to your facility? Start building your system with a high-quality machine vision camera from Phase 1 Technology.