Machine Vision Ensures Your Barcodes are Working

barcodeIt can be incredibly difficult to sort out and identify millions of parcels per day. However, this is possible thanks to machine vision technology, which allows organizations to make new decisions based on what their cameras “see.” Machine vision can also help ensure barcode integrity. This is crucial for businesses that are serious about traceability, counterfeit goods, and data assurance.

It’s important to note that we are not talking about the traditional “barcode” that you may find on products at a grocery store, for example. Those barcodes are read by a laser, and machine vision technology is not necessary. Machine vision is used to inspect 2D and 3D barcodes, which are much different.

How Barcodes Work

Many people think of barcodes as traditional UPC codes, which are on millions of products all around the world at any given time. Here, we are speaking about how machine vision interacts with industrial bar codes.

Machine vision can read industrial barcodes, but it can also read text in general. In this way, machine vision technology helps to integrate factory data - so that it can begin making actual “smart” decisions, rather than executing pre-determined actions. Machine vision can also be used to determine “bad codes”, which the machine may deem unreadable.

How Machine Vision Inspects Barcodes

Barcodes are used to make sure that products reach their intended destination in time. Machine vision can ensure that your barcodes are working and help businesses track and monitor their products more efficiently.

There are also emerging use cases for machine vision and the fact that it could “recognize” industrial bar codes. Machine vision can be used not only for product packaging but also for handling parcels or eCommerce fulfillment. It can also inspect barcodes to help organizations keep better track of their products, and offer more transparency in their supply chain.

Possibilities for The Future

Machine vision can help recognize bar codes which will help automate the production process in general, but the technology can do a lot more than just read barcodes. Machine vision technology can also “recognize text,” which can prove critical for automating service and maintenance.

For example, a machine vision system can read a checklist of some kind and share that data with the entire organization so that it knows what repairs might be necessary. Individual parts can also be routed to specific locations for repair, as well. Time will tell just how machine vision technology continues to be used.

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