New Product: Sony Block Camera Interface Connector

If you’re looking for the cable or the connector to help control your FCB E-series block cameras Phase 1 has just the thing for you! The new Sony block camera interface connector and cable is a necessity if you are creating your own board for an OEM application. The Sony block camera inerface connector and cable will allow you to communicate within your product. Especially if you’re looking to connect your FCB-SE6300.

The cable allows you to use the VISCA commands through serial protocol. Without this cable, you can’t control the camera within your system. By attaching one end of the cable to your camera and the other to the interface board, you enable the VISCA commands to be performed. The end result is a nice, neat, and clean, solution for your OEM Block camera application. This cable is a great solution for the latest members of the E-Class of the FCB family of products.

Do you have any questions? Want to know more about this miniature cable? Wondering if any of these cameras would work for your applications? Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or via telephone: (888) 732-9880