Odos Imaging AC1000 High Speed Imaging Sensor

A few of us from Phase 1 had the wonderful opportunity of attending Automate 2015 and visiting with some of our friends, colleagues and suppliers. We spotted Odos Imaging, displaying it’s AC1000 High Speed Imaging Sensor with Integrated Pulse Laser Illumination which allows the user to eliminate blur from small portions of the video.

Which means Odos has produced a high speed camera that can produce highly defined images, as Richie Logon shows in the video below.


Video Transcript:

This is our AC-1000 high-speed imaging sensor. We've got a 1.3 megapixel sensor with a native high speed resolution of just over five hundred frames per second. If we cut down the resolution we can actually run up to you nearly eighteen thousand frames per second, with a region of interest 64 by 64 pixels. However one of the key aspects of the system, is that its very tightly integrated with a pulse laser illumination that gives us the potential to capture from, very very short periods of time, even when the image sensor shutter is open, high-speed moving objects and stopping them in time with zero blur at all the, with absolutely zero blur. On board we have 2 gigabytes of memory its arranged in a ring buffer format, and we have complete control over image acquisition, and image transfer. The system's got a GenICam interface, so its directly compatible with all of the off the shelf machine vision software packages.