The Benefits of USB 3.0 Vision Standard Cameras

usb 3.0 vision standard camerasUSB 3.0 cameras provide many benefits over alternative interfaces for many applications. While it’s a relatively new technology, USB 3.0 has quickly become a popular interface technology in the industrial and medical sectors for a variety of performance reasons.

But what is a USB 3.0 camera? What benefits do they provide in industrial and medical applications?

Defining USB 3.0 Cameras

While USB interfaces are commonplace in mass market applications, they weren’t always available or viable in an industrial setting where additional application-related considerations come into play.

Essentially, USB 3.0 cameras leverage similar USB technology, except with USB 3.0 cables and ports, but comply with the USB Vision Standard developed by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) and other interested parties. The USB Vision Standard outlines certain performance and technical specifications that products must meet in order to be labeled “USB 3.0.”

Benefits of USB 3.0 Cameras

Using USB 3.0 interfaces for industrial and medical applications can provide many benefits over alternative interfaces. Mainly, the benefit of USB 3.0 interfaces are their high-bandwidth and simple connectivity.

Bandwidth can often reach excesses of 350 MB/s. This makes it one of the highest bandwidth vision interfaces, just behind Camera Link. There used to be a huge gap in bandwidth between Camera Link and GigE – USB 3.0 now provides a great alternative in between these interfaces.

USB 3.0 interfaces facilitate plug and play compatibility. Essentially, they are extremely easy to implement, and most PCs support this type of connectivity, making it potentially viable in a wide range of settings.

The USB Vision Standard is also a widely respected vision standard in the industry. Most of the time, when you choose a USB 3.0 interface, you know you’re getting a reliable solution.

There are certainly many other benefits of USB 3.0 cameras for industrial and medical applications, but it’s high bandwidth with simple connectivity are some of the most impactful. Browse USB 3.0 Vision cameras today.