Take a Look at a Fanuc Robot in Action!

They do exist! We’ve all heard that famous M&M slogan, right? Well, whether the red or yellow is your favorite color, if you wanted to we could assure that you get a bag full of yellow if that's the one you want! Thanks to the capabilities of this Fanuc robot it makes that infamous slogan apply to both. Talk about the brains behind an operation! This robot takes the term "multitasking" and brings it to an entirely different level. The demonstration below allow shows how today's robots have the ability to gently obtain an item that may be delicate in nature, move it to a predetermined location, or select several different locations determined by size, color, or shape.

Think about how small M&M's really are, and the variety of colors they come in, and then remember what you've just seen. Thanks to Sony's XC-56 camera, which the robot uses for vision guidance, it empties the containers onto the plate creating a scattered assortment of chocolate goodness. Then, within a few blinks of an eye it identifies which color goes where and places them back in their respected jars. If this Fanuc Robot can accomplish this sorting with objects as small and delicate as M&M's imagine the possibilities for your applications.

Consider what goes on within a pharmaceutical lab. In an environment where tablets are constantly being manufactured and sorted, you need some type of automated tool that will ensure quality control and accuracy. Think about the potential implications for our health if when sorting tablets by color or size it was identified incorrectly and you received the wrong prescription! Well, thanks to Fanuc Robots inspecting each and every tablet, it looks like we'll never have to face that situation.