Understanding Machine Vision LED Lighting with Constant Current Driver

Understanding Machine Vision LED Lighting with Constant Current DriverMachine vision relies on advanced algorithms to process the image data collected from cameras. In order to properly interpret the data with a minimal amount of image processing, many factors must be predictable. By means of dimmable constant current LED drivers, machine vision systems can rely on the consistency of lighting supplied by an LED.

Need for Dimmable Constant Current Drivers

A dimmable constant current LED driver ensures a constant flow of electricity in the LED’s range of functionality. If a dimmable constant current driver isn’t installed, an LED’s luminosity isn’t certain to be repeatable or comparable to other LEDs plugged into the same power source. An added benefit of being dimmable is that of energy conservation while maintaining the intended function of the LED, resulting in cost savings.

There’s also the likelihood that an LED without a constant current driver may receive an excess of power. LEDs are often built to sustain excess energy but will wear down over time. Dimmable constant current drivers help to avoid deviating from the Absolute Maximum Current Rating (AMCR), which makes an LED unreliable over time. The driver allows the system to attain proper levels of luminosity that predictable and able to be matched.

LED Application Considerations

In applications like line-scan inspection systems, the item on the production line must be continuously illuminated. In other applications, such as with an area array camera capturing images at high speed, the LED illuminator must be strobed. And in additional applications, objects must be illuminated to highlight relevant features of the imaged object. Dimmable constant current LED drivers ensure the intensity, pulse control, and speed needed to meet these demands.

Features of Smart Vision Lights

Smart Vision Lights integrate an intelligent constant current driver into every machine light. Because a separate driver is no longer needed, no additional wiring is necessary, lowering implementation costs. Small and extremely powerful drivers are specifically engineered for these lights. All Smart Vision Lights feature a PNP and NPN LED strobe light or pulse input.

Smart Vision Lights only use high current, high brightness LEDs in the machine lights. All these machine lights still use standard industrial 24VDC power. Their smart drivers are capable of running a constant LED illumination with analog and variable intensity control. The analog control allows for 0-100% intensity control by means of an integrated potentiometer.

Smart Vision Lights OverDrive SafeStrobe Technology

Smart Vision Lights’s OverDrive series offers SafeStrobe technology. This technology ensures that high-current LEDs aren’t damaged beyond their limits. This feature is useful for overdriving modern high-current LEDs. Repeatable intensity control and pulsing are controlled by a microprocessor that monitors and controls power for the LED’s safe operation. Both NPN and PNP LED strobe light inputs are provided for easy integration into smart cameras. This offers machine vision lights extremely fast, repeatable pulse times.

To discuss Smart Vision Lights constant current driver technology for your application, speak with the machine vision experts at Phase 1 Technology.