CIS VCC-HD Series Cameras

The CIS VCC-HD Series cameras feature full HD, the "ClairVu" engine, a 1/3-type, 2.3 MP CMOS image sensor and 2.75 μm pixel size that achieves 60 fps at full resolution (1920x1080). Delivering high speed processing capabilities and outstanding image quality, the CIS VCC HD series cameras, available housed and board level, are ideal for high-end surveillance, UAV, UMV, ROV, and intelligent traffic system applications..

List of CIS VCC-HD Series Cameras

Camera Resolution FPS Signal Category Interface Scanning Mode
Product Image Of VCC-HD10ZM VCC-HD10ZM 1920 x 1080 60 1080 P 3 CCD HD-SDI Hi Def
Product Image Of VCC-HD1X VCC-HD1X 2.1 MP 60 1080 P - HD-SDI -