1. Baumer VeriSens Smart Cameras for Machine Vision

Complete with everything necessary to capture and process images for a variety of automated machine vision applications, the Baumer VeriSens series of intelligently designed smart cameras feature an all-in-one image processing system that houses a powerful image sensor, optics (including functionality for changeable lenses), illumination, and a wide range of Ethernet/digital connections.

In the following posts, you will be introduced to the VeriSens family of smart cameras, including the Baumer VeriSens CS, ID, XC and XF Series. Capable of performing up to 32 feature checks simultaneously, VeriSens sensors are extremely easy to set up and intuitive to use. After a one-time PC configuration that inputs specific acquisition parameters, specifies image tools for feature checking and taps image acquisition interfaces, they're ready to perform a variety of inspection tasks - just like a conventional sensor.

Of course, VeriSens is not a conventional sensor. This device family hits its stride in complex, high-value industrial applications, such as:

  • Applications requiring multiple, simultaneous part checks
  • Situations involving parts in various locations
  • Contactless checks, i.e. in harsh environments in which direct human inspection isn't advisable
  • Situations in which inspection data needs to be communicated quickly and accurately to a remote observer
  • Multi-batch checks on a production line
  • Baumer VeriSensScanning bar codes and matrix codes, including GS1
  • Inspection and determination of objects' position and location
  • Verifying human-readable imprints, such as OCR and OCV

Housed in industry-suited IP 67 metal housing, the all-aluminum structure is suitable for use in even the harshest environments. Also included is modular lens protection for changeable lenses.

In the past, such applications have been the province of highly sophisticated and costly devices. Baumer changes that historical equation by making the high-value functions of the VeriSens smart cameras affordable and accessible.

In the next post - 2: Baumer VeriSens CS Series of Smart Cameras for Machine Vision - you’ll learn about the CS Series of monochrome CMOS sensor cameras ideal for a wide variety of check and sort as well as OCR/OCV verification applications.