BITMAXX Camera Link Cable Extender with New Technology

Although “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” it can lead to very real problems. For machine vision systems, longer distances too often mean higher costs and loss of quality. With their exclusive BITMAXX cable extender, though, CEI delivers on distance by extending Camera Link cables without significant quality loss.

How it works

This new technology makes it possible to double the distance between the ends of Camera Link cables without lessening image quality. In particular, the BITMAXX extender relies on the separate processes of Pre-Emphasis and Equalization. Equalization takes an analog approach of using a high pass filter to recover the original signal and restore it for reversal within the cable’s low pass effect. Then, Pre-Emphasis opens the eye pattern at the far end of the cable to improve signal strength for point-to-point applications. Together, they ensure that moving across longer distances does not impair overall quality.

How it helps

The compact and durable BITMAXX extender's high-flex construction thus makes it possible to increase cable distance while cutting repeater costs. This technology also comes in Base or Full configurations, both of which are Power over Cable Link (PoCL) compatible. By extending cable distance without compromising quality, CEI's cable extender provides a low-profile, cost-saving solution for vision systems.

Within the realm of vision systems, distance need no longer equal quality loss and rising costs. Instead, thanks to this innovative technology, it is possible to reach across such distances without sacrificing quality or investing in additional infrastructure.