How to Save Time and Resources When Designing with a Liquid Lens

How to Save Time and Resources When Designing with a Liquid LensLenses take time to focus. If you added up all the milliseconds and seconds it took your lens to focus on any given object, the result would probably surprise you. In certain applications, this lost time is unacceptable. But how do we overcome this challenge? Is there a solution for applications that require rapid focusing?

Liquid lens technology is the answer. Liquid lenses deliver fast, noiseless, and controllable autofocus for a vast list of applications. Here’s an example: Take any regular camera and photograph a bobby pin from far away. Now, take another picture of a screen 10 centimeters in front of you. Challenging? We bet.

Liquid lenses are especially useful in applications that require you to focus at many distances where the objects you’re photographing are different sizes or at different distances away from you. While cameras can be slow to focus on a vast range of objects at varying distances, liquid lenses can autofocus in a millisecond.

Liquid lenses can be helpful in biotechnology, barcode reading, package sorting, biometrics, PCB inspection, and security applications. They can shorten processes and overcome the deficiencies of other lenses. They’re affordable, too.

Pixelink liquid lenses are perhaps the best and most innovative lenses on the market today. They can quickly autofocus on objects from 10 cm to miles away in under 20 milliseconds. Additionally, Pixelink liquid lenses feature one-push autofocus, which will allow you to take multiple pictures in rapid succession.

Gone are the days of slow, tedious, and manual focusing. Pixelink liquid lenses are also sturdy. Their autofocus cameras have been tested for over 100 million cycles, showing zero performance degradation. That’s far better than your average camera. So is its power consumption: Pixelink’s autofocus camera dissipates about 15mW, which is ten times less than other systems.

Liquid lens technology can help us speed up processes, saving time and resources. And they can help us photograph and design objects that had never been possible before liquid lenses.

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