Machine Vision Lighting Benefits of Gardasoft LED Controller

gardasoft led controllerAs imaging and data capture technology becomes ever more efficient, it is essential that lighting keep apace with innovation. Someone once said, "Light is good from whatever lamp it shines." Where modern vision system requirements are concerned, configuration of LED machine vision lighting is best to light the way. Gardasoft's LED lighting controller provides a means to control and maintain illumination through high speed pulsing and other configurations that will suit a wide array of machine vision lighting needs.

Lighting the way

Gardasoft’s lighting controller works with contemporary LED technology to optimize illumination intensity and precise triggering. As semiconductor devices, LEDs produce light through a current running through them. Gardasoft’s LED controllers regulate that current to maintain stable, controlled, and repeatable illumination, with strobing options up to 20a on each channel. This will not only ensure effective and efficient use, but it will also help extend the LED lifespan.

Illuminating benefits

Gardasoft offers three types of LED controllers, including:

  • Pulse (or strobe) control through the pulsed mode. Pulsing illumination offers the ability to capture a quick image of moving objects; with Gardasoft’s fine adjustment capacities, this means potentially setting for longer or shorter exposure times. As such, lighting is only switched on as needed, when a trigger is received, for applications that require synchronization down to the nanosecond. You can easily reconfigure the delay between the trigger and output pulse, length, and intensity of pulse.
  • RTCC4-img1Overdriving. This function allows you to push lighting to the maximum level for a brief period. The controller provides precise pulse timing, power, and brightness while ensuring consistent and reliable illumination during exposure. In the process, Gardasoft’s SafePower and SafeSense technology ensure that lighting never exceeds permissible ratings.
  • Continuous current power. For applications that require consistent current supply, this controller provides lighting all the time. This simplest mode is the easiest to use because the lighting intensity is the only function that must be set; however, no over-driving is possible in this mode.

Controllers are also ideal for systems requiring multiple lighting configurations of control, speed, and triggers, as well as those that require remote configuration of lighting settings.

Gardasoft's LED controllers allow you to get the most benefit and life from your LEDs, allowing you to meet shifting demands throughout the machine vision process.