The Benefits of Using 10GigE Cameras for Machine Vision Applications

Benefits of 10GigE Cameras 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE) cameras are the technological successors to 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1GigE) cameras. These two types of GigE cameras provide many of the same benefits to machine vision users, the only difference being that 10GigE cameras feature a ten-fold increase in data-rates, which translates into a ten-fold increase in frame rate too.

The 10GigE vision standard is widely deployed in the telecom, data communication, and military sectors, and in recent years has made headway into the industrial sector for mainstream machine vision applications. These machine vision cameras and their drastically higher data transfer rates provide many benefits for machine vision users.

The Benefits of 10GigE Cameras

10GigE cameras can be used in a wide range of machine vision applications and have many advantages over 1GigE and other types of machine vision cameras.

  • Data-rates: the main benefit of 10GigE cameras is their unmatched data rates, which not only allows for faster frame rates but allows for more effective use of the latest sensor technology for better overall vision and imaging.
  • Low Latency: typical 1GigE cameras have IP forwarding steps that introduce 50-125 µs of latency. The speed of 10GigE cameras allows them to reduce latency to 5-50 µs, which makes them perfect for real-time video applications.
  • Long Cabling: 10GigE cameras can operate with CAT6A cables up to 100 meters long without repeaters or extensions. Long cable lengths simplify the installation of these cameras, especially for applications with several 10GigE cameras.
  • Reliability: bit errors compromise the integrity of image data most machine vision interfaces, such as Camera Link. 10GigE cameras offer packet resend to correct errors in real-time.
  • Lower Cost: the ease of installation and lack of expensive cabling makes 10GigE cameras less costly to integrate and operate when compared to Camera Link or CoaXpress cameras. 

10GigE cameras have several distinct advantages over other types of machine vision cameras. With high speeds, simplified cabling, and reliable performance, 10GigE cameras are among the highest performing machine vision cameras.

With many of the same benefits as 1GigE cameras, as well as backwards compatibility, the ten-fold increase in speed makes 10GigE cameras viable in a wide range of modern machine vision applications.

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