Time-of-Flight (ToF) Camera and Sensor Usage Continues to Grow in Industrial Applications

Time-of-Flight (ToF) Camera and Sensor Usage Continues to Grow in Industrial ApplicationsTime-of-Flight (ToF) technology allows cameras to emit infrared light signals, measure how long the signals take to return, and determine depth based on extracted data. ToF cameras and sensors are advantageous because they can accurately measure distances with a single laser pulse. 

Because of their precision, ToF cameras are making their way across industries and into everyday applications, such as smartphones. Able to measure distance and volume, ToF cameras are especially useful for 3D imaging and enhancing augmented reality experiences. The 3D ToF imaging technology can also improve object scanning, indoor navigation, gesture recognition, and obstacle avoidance processes. Given its benefits, it’s no surprise that 3D ToF imaging technologies have a bright future. 

Odos Cameras

Phase 1 Technology is proud to carry Odos cameras, which offer cutting-edge 3D ToF machine vision and imaging technology solutions for advanced industrial applications. The Odos Swift-E and Odos Swift-G cameras are perfect for packaging, robotic palletization, inspection, and other industrial applications.

The Odos Imaging Swift-E 3D sensor allows users to create up to 255 templates with up to 64 virtual sensing zones. Additionally, the camera has a 640 x 480-pixel resolution, combined with a 43 x 33-degree field of view. With its ability to accurately and quickly capture 3D data, the Odos Swift-E offers reliable sensing in a range of between 0.5 and 6 meters.

The Odos Imaging Swift-G also provides a 640×480 pixel resolution along with a frame rate of up to 44 fps. With an operating range between 0.5 and 6 meters, the camera provides the exceptional ability to connect and stream 3D data with speed and efficiency. To increase its ease of access, the Swift-G directly outputs calibrated range and intensity images via GenICam over a GigE Vision connection. Hence, the technology makes it simple to interface with standard machine vision software suites.

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